Office high speed internet

Managed DSL and Fibre across Ontario.

VDSL to 50 Mbps

Fast, reliable DSL in 6 business days with router and IPs or modem

FIBRE to 100 Mbps

The gold standard for large networks who need 4 hours MTR

Managed internet since 1994.

Internet with IPs and reverse delegation. Managed routers or unmanaged modems.
Offices, remote workers, SOHO workers.

High speed internet service includes:

  • Needs review
  • Router
  • Dedicated dry-pair circuit
  • /29 IPs
  • Install and test
  • Setup monitoring and alerts
  • Fault analysis
  • Firmware updates, security patches, upgrades
  • Device configuration backup
  • Change requests
  • Commercial support
  • General maintenance
  • 8 business hour router replacement

Having managed technical projects with multiple ISPs since the late 1990s, I have found The Wire’s network to be very reliable and their support has been beyond expectation in responsiveness and expertise.

Dan Rempel
Director of Electronic Environments, Tenzing Communications

I switched my DSL service to The Wire and it was a pleasure! I had technical issues with my former service provider and was given the runaround trying to get answers. The Wire’s support staff were very helpful and know what they are doing.

Lee Mrkonji
Vantage Point

We’ve used The Wire for many years for our business highspeed DSL service. It is reliable and I appreciate the personal service. They know me, respond quickly to any questions or needs and when we upgraded our service the transitions were a breeze. They explained exactly what would take place, timed it and implemented the changes exactly as promised.

Tidetime Canada

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