Managed Services

Improve your network productivity and security with responsive, expert support

Managed internet, firewall, WiFi and VoIP are critical tools for professional services and not-for-profits.


Internet Connectivity

Business Internet across Ontario since 1994.

Boost internet access performance and productivity with managed routers, static IPs, reverse delegation that we configure, support and proactively monitor. For under serviced areas we bond multiple circuits to double, triple or quadruple internet speeds and bandwidth.

Fast dependable Wi-Fi.

Reliable Wi-Fi is a necessity for employees and visitors and the days of wireless devices hidden in closets are over.  Eliminate wireless hickups and roam seamlessly across well situated access points. We determine the best number, type and placement of access points and configure a controller to optimize coverage and diagnose issues.

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Network Security

Firewalls keep your network and data safe.

Selecting the most appropriate firewall requires understanding current and future network needs and how different firewalls perform in real world conditions. Our managed firewall service includes consultation, configuration, tests, install, firewall and smart switch monitoring and alerts, fault analysis, firmware updates and security patches, configuration backup, change requests, commercial support, general maintenance.

Rock solid cloud or dedicated VPN.

Anyone who depends on a Virtual Private Network to work securely knows how unproductive it is to have a slow or unreliable connection. Our Cloud based or dedicated VPS service ensures remote workers have secure, reliable and scalable access to their work platforms.


Hosted VoIP phone.

Unify voice communications with full featured VoIP and an integrated smart phone app. Replace phone lines and end-of-life phone systems with enterprise call quality, mobile app,  Auto-Attendant, traditional and advanced phone features, rapid move/add/changes, geographic flexibility and disaster recovery.


Linux server administration.

Strengthen and protect your Linux server infrastructure with a Linux veteran. CentOS and Redhat management includes OS installs, security patches, upgrades, scripting, hardening, monitoring, multi-server architecture, hardware advice and secure certificate management. We are notified of major (or minor) exploits and respond with critical patches and upgrades quickly and knowledgeably.

Put a smile on the face of your techs & execs

Techs and Admins

  • Optimize your internet services and network end-to-end
  • Monitor ports and processes with custom alerts
  • Streamline upgrades and plan IPV6 readiness


  • Deepen security and reliability and minimize disruption
  • Consolidate vendor invoices and streamline costs
  • Smooth planned upgrades to industry standards

We have worked with The Wire on everything from our internet to managed servers to VOIP, corporate infrastructure and network consulting. They’ve moved us from office to office and walked us through every technical transition reliably and thoughtfully. They are my rock.

Jody Stevens
Chief Administrator, The Tapscott Group

Let us customize a managed internet package for you

While every network and tech support team is unique, our end goals are similar: end‑to‑end network visibility, optimal security and speed, fast resolution of issues and less disruptive upgrades. 

The Wire deploys solutions for teams of 10-150 people that offers end‑to‑end security, robust performance and reliable support.

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