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Managed internet with
integrated gateway or dedicated network devices

Off-load routine device management work while remaining in the loop as much as you want with advanced monitoring and customized alerts. Enjoy end-to-end network visibility to maximize speed and security, resolve issues faster and make upgrades less disruptive. Simplifying your network support lets you focus on key projects and improved end-user experience.

50 Mbps internet with Firewall + Switch + Wifi Gateway


ideal for a 5-25 person office
  • Up to 50 x 10 Mbps VDSL
  • Enterprise Firewall
  • 5 Port Switch
  • WiFi Access Point
  • /29 IP block (5 usable IPs)
  • 24/7 Monitoring / Alerts
  • Device Patches / Upgrades
  • Expedited device repair
  • Firewall supports failover

50 Mbps internet with Dedicated Firewall + Switch + WiFi devices


Ideal for a 25-50 person network
  • Up to 50 x 10 Mbps internet
  • Enterprise Firewall
  • 24 Port Switch
  • WiFI Access Point
  • /28 IP block (14 usable IPs)
  • 24/7 Monitoring / Alerts
  • Device patches / Upgrades
  • Expedited device repair
  • Firewall supports failover

100 Mbps fibre internet and Dedicated Firewall + Switch + WiFi Devices

from $1199/mo

ideal for larger or more complicated enterprise networks
  • 100 Mbps Dedicated Fibre
  • Enterprise Firewall
  • 48 Port POE Switch
  • WiFi Access Points (x2)
  • /27 IP block (29 usable IPs)
  • 24/7 Monitoring / alerts
  • Device patches / upgrades
  • Expedited device repair
  • Firewall supports failover
  • 4 hour MTTR for Fibre

Need more services and support?
We have you covered.

Put a smile on the face of your techs and execs

Techs and Admins

  • Optimize your internet services and network end-to-end
  • Monitor ports and processes with custom alerts
  • Streamline upgrades and plan IPV6 readiness


  • Deepen security and reliability and minimize disruption
  • Consolidate vendor invoices and streamline costs
  • Smooth planned upgrades to industry standards

We have worked with The Wire on everything from our internet to managed servers to VOIP, corporate infrastructure and network consulting. They’ve moved us from office to office and walked us through every technical transition reliably and thoughtfully. They are my rock.

Jody Stevens
Chief Administrator, The Tapscott Group

Managed network essentials and add-ons for all size networks.

Not your typical office network? Explore the advantages of customized firewall and device solutions and add-ons like hosted phone, VPN, environmental monitoring and more. Whether your network is dynamic or stable, up to date, limping, or end of life, improve your performance and peace of mind with an experienced, reliable partner.


Boost your internet performance with IPs, modem, or router with configuration, support and proactive monitoring.

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Protect your network with a managed firewall customized for your internet and work requirements.

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Monitor your ports, pinpoint network problems and reduce cable clutter with managed POE switches.

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Eliminate wireless hickups with fast, dependable WiFi and seamless roaming across well situated access points.

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Hosted Phone

Unify communications with client managed, full featured VoIP and integrated smart phone app.

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Empower remote workers with secure and reliable VPN access to your work platforms.

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Protect your physical property by monitoring your office environment, power supply and physical access.

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Server Administration

Stress-free RedHat and centOS Linux server administration, planned upgrades and emergency work.

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24/7 monitoring and alerts and your own Network Health Plan

24/7 monitoring

Custom email or SMS updates. No alert, no problem.

Network Health Plan

An honest score card of network health and future priorities.

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