Managed environmental monitoring

Protect your property and sleep well at night

Temperature and humidity sensor

from $24.95/mo

Power outage and flood sensors

from $24.95/mo

Door and cabinet access sensor

from $19.95/mo

Protect your data, networks and devices

When will you be alerted if a burst pipe floods your floor or the air conditioning blows at night? Why depend on your building? Your physical assets, and peace of mind, are too important to entrust to someone else.

Get alerted to critical changes at your office or industrial space

Environmental sensor management service includes:

  • Consultation
  • Hardware purchase
  • Onsite install
  • Configuration and testing
  • Email and SMS alerts setup
  • Firmware updates and patches
  • Device configuration backup
  • Change requests
  • Commercial support
  • General maintenance
  • Next business day replacement

Have a sensor specialist contact you

Talk about your environmental monitoring needs and sleep better at night

Toll Free 1.855.214.9473

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