Linux server administration

CentOS and Redhat management
by a veteran host

  • OS installs, security patches and upgrades
  • Server scripting, hardening and optimization
  • Multi-server architecture and hardware advice
  • Managed Direct Admin control panel. Canadian eh!

Entrust your Linux server support to a Linux veteran

The Wire was built on Unix, a precursor to Linux, and all our web servers are now Linux powered. We specialize in CentOS and Redhat OS, server monitoring, Direct Admin control panel for site management, and secure certificate management. We are notified when a major (or minor) exploit is discovered and handle your server’s critical patches and upgrades quickly and knowledgibly.

Strengthen and protect your Linux server infrastructure

Server administration service includes:

  • Consultation
  • OS install
  • OS updates and patches
  • OS upgrades
  • Setup monitoring and alerts
  • Managed Direct Admin
  • Server scripting
  • Server hardening
  • Server optimization
  • Secure certificates
  • Architecture advice
  • Hardware advice

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Talk about OS, secure certificates and hardware

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