Office Network Solutions and High Speed Internet

Affordable managed firewall, switch, WiFi with DSL, Cable and Fiber internet and fail-over options

Managed network services on an sMB budget

  • Mobile friendly VoIP from $25/month/user
  • Enterprise Firewall from $45/month
  • PoE Switch from $30/month
  • WiFi Access Points from $25/month
  • VPN Solutions from $6.50/month/user
  • Environmental Monitoring from $15/month
  • Linux Server Administration
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerts

The internet 'feels slow'. Do you have a capacity issue or an underlying network challenge that will continue to strangle data even with more internet? An old unmanaged switch? Questionable content downloads? Infected computers? Are your device configurations backed up? Do you receive alerts about your office networks and physical environment?

Address these problems with:

  • appropriate, reliable, secure and affordable solutions
  • routine software updates and hardware support by an experienced partner
  • monitoring tools and alerts to speed up problem solving
  • proactive upgrades to avoid surprises and build in scalability

Services include needs assessment, equipment purchase, configuration and install, software upgrades, hardware support, monitoring and alerts. Prices vary by number and type of device and length of contract. Setup charges apply.

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VDSL to 25 Mbps

Fast, reliable DSL in 6 business days with router and IPs or modem 

DSL Packages

Cable to 50 Mbps

Layer 2 internet is perfect for latency sensitive VoIP and failover

Cable packages

Fibre to 100 Mbps

The gold standard for large networks who need 4 hours MTR

Fibre packages


  • 100% Canadian operations and data storage
  • Toronto datacenter at 151 Front Street West, Canada’s most connected building
  • Fast, reliable network
  • Responsive and experienced support team
  • Friendly, single point of client contact


Managed internet and network devices extend enterprise benefits to small and medium networks in many ways. End to end visibility speeds up diagnostics. Proactive monitoring and alerts isolate issues quickly. A managed firewall secures your network and handles internet fail-over. Managed switches resolve issues deep in your network and are essential for quality WiFi. Environmental monitoring offers peace of mind.

Put 20 years of internet experience with hundreds of networks in your back pocket


What solutions would help your offices?

Lookup internet options and tell us your network needs

We have worked with The WIRE for more than 10 years on everything from our internet to managed servers to VOIP, corporate infrastructure and network consulting. They’ve moved us from office to office and walked us through every technical transition reliably and thoughtfully. They are my rock.

Jody Stevens, The Tapscott Group