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At setup, you are provided with a colocation information sheet that includes: IP allocation and netmask the login to statistics the login to your remote reboot port Clients with cabinet space and access cards can access their cabinet 24/7 unescorted. Clients with shared rack space can access… read more

Email management

You need to login to your website Control Panel to make any changes. create email account Click on E-mail accounts in the Email Management section Click on 'Create mail account' at the top of the page Fill in the form: username, password, email quota and send limit The system… read more

Email settings

DirectAdmin basic settings incoming mail server: incoming server type: POP3 incoming server port: 110 incoming server requires SSL: NO (leave unchecked) outgoing mail server: outgoing port: 587 outgoing server requires authentication: YES… read more

Email troubleshooting

Cannot send or receive email Please confirm with the technical contact that your email account is not over quota or at the daily limit. The information can be found in the Control Panel under Email Accounts.Unable to receive Email Check your spam or junk mail folders and if you have rules to… read more

Internet connectivity troubleshooting

The following checklist will help in diagnosing connections issues. The first step in a multi user environment is to confirm if the issue is with your computer or all computers your office. If the issue is limited to one system it is recommended you speak with your IT contact. Check the lights on… read more

Modem setup

DSL modem setup Plug modem into a surge protector connected to power Connect the RJ11 (phone) line from modem to internet circuit Confirm Power and DSL or SYNC light blinks and then remains steady Connect the ethernet cable from modem ethernet jack to your network SmartRG VDSL modem… read more

Move, add or change

Move ADSL on a dedicated circuit Your circuit can be reinstalled in approximate 5 business days however we recommend installing earlier to test the circuit and address any issues. Please email us the following information: Company name Company contact: name, email, phone number New… read more

Register, transfer or renew domain

ICANN verification Since January 2014, ICANN now requires all Registrars to email Registrants at time of domain purchase, WHOIS record edits or domain transfer. The email will be sent by The WIre's DNS Dept and will have the words VERIFICATION REQUIRED in the subject line. Without… read more

Security tips

Update and upgrade your computer operating system The industry wide upgrade of SSL certificates from SHA-1 to SH-2 encryption in 2014 now requires Mac OS 10.5+ or Windows XP SP3+ to avoid browser and email error warnings. Here are milestone support dates and minimum versions numbers for… read more


What The Wire is doing about Spam Spam is increasing exponentially and is estimated to be 60 percent of all email traffic. we never sells or shares its email addresses with third party bulk mail businesses we maintain a zero tolerance policy and suspend any email address that sends unsolicited… read more

Static and managed internet service IP, gateway and SMTP

As part of the order process you will receive your PPPoE login, IP and gateway information, DNS servers, and the link to our online bandwidth tool. PPPoE login Username: Password: randompswd IP address and gateway Please do not set your IP on your router as we will assign… read more

Virus and anti-virus overview

How The Wire deals with viruses Notifications we send about viruses How to protect your computer What are viruses, worms and trojans FAQ How The Wire deals with viruses Virus definitions on our mail servers are updated hourly and perform three tasks: scan all e-mail from the Internet… read more


VoIP Move/Add/Change requests Initiate Move/Add/Change and new account or hardware requests through a support ticket that details the request. read more

Webhosting Overview

Log-in To login to the Control Panel please goto (replace with the name of your website). You will need the username and password provided during setup.Messages Clients receive messages when bandwidth use or storage exceed 80% of their… read more

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