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Replace expensive phone lines and end-of-life phone systems with optimized internet, router, switch and IP phones.

Enterprise call quality, full mobile app,  Auto-Attendant, traditional and advanced phone features, rapid move/add/changes, geographic flexibility, long distance savings and disaster recovery. Fully managed service hosted at 151 Front Street West, one of Canada’s premier data centres.

VOIP Polycom


  • VoIP across your offices
  • Mobile app integrating VoIP on your smart phone
  • Unified messaging features
  • Competitive local and long distance rates
  • Rapid disaster recovery


  • Organizations on fixed phone lines seeking cost effective increase in features and flexibility
  • Growing organizations or multiple office scenarios
  • Organizations with employers who work from home or on the road

Hosted VoIP services includes:

  • Unified Messaging
  • Full mobile app
  • Web Portal
  • Find-Me/No Answer
  • Advanced call treatment
  • Auto-attendant or Receptionist
  • Soft Phone
  • Consult on setup
  • Configure phones
  • Onsite install and test
  • Number port
  • Staff training
  • Ongoing support

Key advantages of hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP is good for the budget

  • Eliminate investment in a chassis that might be outgrown or under utilized
  • Consolidate separate voice and data networks
  • Very competitive long distance
  • Free inter-office calling
  • Predictable, consolidated multi-office/multi-service monthly billing
  • Reduce onsite space and power requirements, technical resources and maintenance contracts
  • Advanced network technology without the investment
  • Eliminate costs with free moves /adds / changes

Productivity benefits let you focus on your business

  • Eliminate order delays with fast move/add/changes
  • Instant service – plug the phone into a network port
  • Step-by-step interactive voice responses and intuitive web interface
  • End-users control features with star codes, phone GUI or web portal
  • Configure call treatment based on time and day
  • Handle inbound calls based on the caller
  • Add users without upgrades or extra PRIs
  • Fully managed service eliminates management of a complex PBX

Geographic flexibility is what VOIP is all about

  • Move users between offices by simply moving their phone
  • Extension dialing between offices
  • Retain numbers when moving between offices
  • Distributed hunt groups
  • Forward voicemails between offices
  • Road-warrior productivity features
  • Work from office, home or on-the-road with the same capabilities

More Reliability and Faster Recovery = Less Risk

  • Carrier-grade fault tolerant network
  • Expert network design and engineering
  • 7X24x365 network monitoring and management
  • Off-site backup of critical configurations
  • Instant disaster recovery automatically reroutes inbound calls if internet or power outage
  • Regularly planned service feature enhancements

Boost communication by switching to hosted VoIP

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