Blumberg Segal LLP needed a fresh, mobile-friendly re-design while keeping the existing content.

Blumbergs Segal LLP law firm is a long time client (since the days of pMachine). Over the years we recommended ways to increase site traffic (organic search in particular) and user engagement. Blumbergs’ team became more involved in social media and the site content continued to evolve.



  • responsive website design
  • content management system
  • responsive email builder


  • ExpressionEngine
  • Foundation Framework
  • HTML5/CSS3/JQuery
  • Google Analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web hosting

Responsive design and improved accessibility

Since the last site design in 2012 the mobile traffic has seen ~500% increase. In 2015 we recommended a design refresh focusing on improving mobile user experience and site accessibility. The client also needed a better way to promote their workshops and the annual Blumbergs’ Canadian Charity Law Institute.



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