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100% Canadian operation

The WIRE is an independent, Canadian owned and operated internet service provider based in Toronto and a 20 year veteran of Canada's internet industry. We deliver affordable, reliable, managed and unmanaged solutions, specializing in adding value to enterprise clients of all sizes using state of the art equipment, Canadian based servers and low latency bandwidth.

Learnings from 20 internet years

Experience matters. Simpler is often more reliable. Reliability is key.

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The Wire is awesome. I would, bar-none, prefer to work with them over any other internet providers. Having managed technical projects with multiple ISPs since the late 1990s, I have found The Wire’s network to be very reliable with speeds as advertised. Their support has been beyond expectation in responsiveness and expertise. Each time we worked together, its been a fantastic experience.

Dan Rempel, Director Electronic Environments, Tenzing Communications