Since 1994

Independent Canadian ISP

Reliable, managed and unmanaged solutions for clients of all sizes.

Since 1994

The WIRE is an independent Canadian internet service provider established the year Mosaic added graphics to browsing.

Today The WIRE delivers affordable, reliable, managed and unmanaged solutions to clients of all sizes using state of the art equipment, Canadian based servers, fast low latency bandwidth and timely, effective and personal internet support.

Our Mission

Provide reliable, well supported independent office internet services working closely with professionals and agencies that share our values:

  • highly reliable internet services
  • excellent support and personal service
  • fair, sustainable pricing
  • no over-subscription

The Executive Team

The WIRE offers you a team of highly experienced staff supporting a very diverse client base with a broad range of internet services and solutions.

Kevin Blumberg

Kevin Blumberg
Chief Technical Officer

With 20 years of senior application and administration experience, Kevin is technical lead on the network, services and managed projects.

“The most satisfying part of my job is finding ISP or client solutions using existing technology in new and cost-effective ways. My focus is on maintaining uptime and security for my customers – it’s what matters most to them and to me.”

Kevin serves on the advisory boards of ARIN and the Canadian Network Operators Consortium (CNOC) and is a previous board member of the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX). Before The WIRE, Kevin directed technology at VR1 Canada and Circadence Corporation. In his downtime, Kevin is a WOW guild admin.

Jonathan Blumberg headshot

Jonathan Blumberg

A 17 year veteran of the independent Canadian internet industry, Jonathan directs ISP sales and website development projects.

“We work towards that sweet spot of reliability, robust features, ease of use, simplicity and affordability. As a boutique ISP we specialize in personal service that is responsive to your network environment, staff support needs and budget.”

Before The WIRE, Jonathan worked in legal research, wilderness instruction and World League sports marketing. Since the birth of first child Sasha in 2004 with Alagille Syndrome and her death in 2006, Jonathan fundraises and volunteers for Sickkids and served as parent co-chair of the Family Centred Care Advisory Council from 2011-2013.



  • dialup internet to offices, homes, institutions and government


  • domain web hosting
  • web page authoring


  • secure web server certificates


  • database programming
  • developed and sold


  • upgrade from analog to digital modems


  • Y2K remediation
  • custom CMS and ecommerce


  • server colocation


  • business ADSL and SDSL


  • email spam and virus filters


  • ExpressionEngine and Drupal CMS web development


  • data centre move to 151 Front Street West


  • carrier service DSL and fibre interconnect
  • control panel web hosting


  • email security and expanded colocation


  • add VoIP service


  • data centre upgrade to lake water cooling and inert gas fire suppression
  • Kevin Blumberg elected to advisory board of TorIX (Toronto Internet Exchange)


  • SHDSL in Toronto core


  • carrier service cable interconnect


  • Kevin Blumberg elected to advisory board of ARIN and CNOC


  • VDSL offers a big jump in DSL download and upload
  • ExpressionEngine and WordPress responsive web development


  • expanded managed router and firewall service
  • launched new responsive website for The WIRE


  • upgraded our online billing


  • enhanced VPS service

The Wire Inc. is a proud member of The Canadian Network Operators Consortium

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