Email management

You need to login to your website Control Panel to make any changes.


  • Click on E-mail accounts in the Email Management section
  • Click on ‘Create mail account’ at the top of the page
  • Fill in the form: username, password, email quota and send limit
  • The system requires a strong password. Please include Uppercase, Numbers and Characters. You can also auto-generate a strong password.
  • Click create


  • To the right of the email address is a column “Password/Quota”. Click “change’
  • Enter your chosen strong password or click on ‘Random password’ to have the system generate a password
  • Click Modify to finish


To protect our customers if an email account is hacked, individual accounts are limited to 250 emails a day and domains are limited to a total of 1000 per day. Please note that cc and bcc email addresses count as separate emails. In the Change feature you are able to increase the daily limit of specific email accounts.


To change an email quota, click Change on the “Password/Quota” column beside the email, change the Email Quota, click Modify.

If a mailbox reaches quota and you do not wish to expand, you can:

  • Purge Spambox, Inbox or IMAP folder by number of day
  • In your webmail program you can delete mail by selecting Clear the spam folder for all mail, clear the inbox for all mail or clear all folders including the inbox for all mail
  • Select an option, tick off the checkbox in the email account you wish to clear and click delete


Vacation Messages use the Auto Responder feature.

  • Click on Autoresponders and then ‘Create New Autoresponder’
  • Fill out the form: the responder username must be filled in, others can be left blank
  • The system allows you to set the start date and end date for you vacation message.
  • Click Create.


  • To create an email forwarder also known as an email alias, click on ‘Forwarders’ and then ‘Create new E-Mail Forwarder’
  • Fill out the form: both forwarder name and destination email address forms must be filled out
  • You can have multiple people in the destination address, you only need to separate them with a comma.
  • Click Create