Internet move, add or change


ADSL on a dedicated circuit
Your circuit can be reinstalled in approximate 5 business days however we recommend installing earlier to test the circuit and address any issues. Please email us the following information:

  • Company name
  • Company contact: name, email, phone number
  • New office address
  • Date of move

ADSL shared line clients
Where your ADSL is on a shared phone line and you are reactivating the same phone number, please email us the following information 6 or more days prior to the move:

  • Bell Work Order Number
  • New Office Address
  • Date of Move

Fibre products are delivered on a 1-3 year contract. Please contact us to discuss a move requirement.

Plugin and connect as before. We do not need to know your new phone number for dialup to work. Please note our dialup number is a GTA local number.

Add and Change

Please have an authorized contact open a support ticket to:

  • request additional IP addresses
  • change contacts or authorize new staff
  • request reverse DNS lookup for a domain
  • upgrade your internet account
  • cancel a service

To add a new circuit to a new location, please use our internet lookup