Register, transfer or renew domain

ICANN Verification

Since January 2014, ICANN now requires all Registrars to email Registrants at time of domain purchase, WHOIS record edits or domain transfer. The email will be sent by The WIre’s DNS Dept and will have the words VERIFICATION REQUIRED in the subject line. Without verification, a domain purchase, edit or transfer will be suspended. If the Administration contact e-mail is no longer valid the domain will be suspended after 15 days.

You will also receive yearly emails from ICANN reminding you to keep your WHOIS record updated. To update your domain purchased from The Wire please login to our Billing System. If you do not know your username or password please contact us. For your protection and to prevent unauthorized domain edits or transfers, login information is only emailed to the listed administrative contact.

To edit your WHOIS information, first unlock the domain. Select “Registrar Locking” on the left navigation and confirm the domain is unlocked.  You can then update the Contact Information. When that is completed, please lock the domain again.

Register Domain

The Wire uses OpenSRS to register domains. Domain registration are for a minimum of 1 year or a maximum of 10 years. To register a domain, please login to the Billing System to confirm the domain is available and purchase options

You are not required to register your domain with The Wire to use our hosting services. With a domain registered elsewhere, you can:

  1. update your nameservers to The Wire using nameservers and or
  2. point the website (A records) or email (MX records) to your IP at The Wire using your DNS control panel.

Transfer Domain

To transfer a domain to The Wire, login into your Billing System and select Domains / Transfer Domains to Us. Prior to transfer, ensure the administrative contact on the domain is correct, the domain is unlocked and able to receive emails and request the authorization code (sometimes called EPP code) from your existing Registrar to authorize the transfer. An email will also be received requiring you to further verify this transfer, as required by ICANN (see above). Please note a transfer automatically adds 1 year to the term of your domain and is billed similarly to a one year renewal.

To transfer a domain away from The Wire, the transfer request is sent from the new (receiving) Domain Registrar. Prior to transfer, ensure the administrative contact on the domain is correct, the domain is unlocked and able to receive emails and request the authorization or EPP code in your Billing portal at The Wire using the spanner icon dropdown to Manage the domain.

Name servers can be changed prior to transferring a domain to or away from The Wire without delay to transfer although for a live domain it would be prudent to wait until the new DNS has propogated. Changes to owner or contact information however typically institute a block on any transfer for 60 days. If you are transferring a domain away from The Wire, we suggest initiating the name server change as part of the transfer request from the gaining Registrar.

Renew Domain

Domains in The Wire’s registry will receive renewal emails from our Domains Dept at 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, 5 days and on day of suspension. Please reply to this email at your earliest convenience to renew the domain so as to avoid spammy solicitations to transfer to other registries. Please note that failure to renew the domain in a timely manner (typically 30 days after suspension) will lead to a period called Registrar-Hold at which time a renewal penalty of $125 has to be levied in addition to the yearly renewal fees. You can also renew online in the Billing System.