Spam is increasing exponentially and is estimated to be 60 percent of all email traffic.

  • we never sells or shares its email addresses with third party bulk mail businesses
  • we maintain a zero tolerance policy and suspend any email address that sends unsolicited bulk email from a Wire account or points in a spam email to a website we host
  • we turned off unlimited or “anything at” email aliasing which was in vogue and sadly became a huge vector for spam and virus generated email
  • SpamAssassin software algorithms add the tag {Spam?} to the Subject line of email likely to be spam so that you can filter or delete. You can White list any email or domain in your Control Panel or email software. If an email is incorrectly marked as spam please send the FROM or email address to our support
  • we manually identify spam that passes our filters so that SpamAssassin’s Bayesian filters can “learn” and identify it as spam in a few days

Despite these measures, some spam will still get through. We work constantly at the balance of netting most spam while avoiding false positive identifications where email identified as spam that is not spam because the threshhold is too tight.



  1. Go to the TOOLS menu, RULES WIZARD
  2. Select the NEW tab.
  3. In “Which type of rule do you want to create” select “Check Messages When They Arrive”
  4. Click Next.
  5. In “Which conditions do you want to check” check “with specific words in the subject”
  6. In “Rule Description” click on the underlined word “specific words” type or copy the following: {Spam?}
  7. click Add, click OK Click Next
  8. In “What do you want to do with the message” check “Move it to the specified folder”
  9. In “Rule Description” click on the underlined word “specified” Select SPAM or Trash folder. If you don’t have a SPAM folder you can click the “new” button
  10. to add the folder.
  11. Click OK, click Next, Next, Finish, OK.


  1. Go to the TOOLS menu, MESSAGE RULES and select the MAIL tab.
  2. If you already have other rules click New, otherwise
  3. In “Select the Conditions for your rule” check “Where the subject line contains”
  4. In “Select the actions for your rule:” check “Move it to the specified folder”
  5. In “Rule Description” click on the underlined word “contains specific words” type in the word: {Spam?}
  6. click Add, click OK
  7. In “Rule Description” click on the underlined word “specified” Select SPAM folder.
  8. Click OK, OK, OK.


  1. Go to Mail, Preferences.Go to RulesClick Add RulePull down on left side: Subject
  2. Pull down in middle: Begin with
  3. Type on right side: {Spam?}
  4. Under “Perform the following actions”, select “Transfer Message”.
  5. Select the Junk folder, or create a folder called spam.
  6. Select OK


  1. login and click Filters on top navigation
  2. click new rule
  3. in the field beside Rule Name type in ‘Spam’
  4. In the drop down list beneath ‘All of the following’, select ‘subject’
  5. In the drop down list beneath ”Do this:’, select ‘Delete message completely’ or ‘Deliver to folder’.
  6. Uncheck the option ‘Stop checking if this rule matches?’
  7. Click save
  8. go back to the Filters page, click Save Settings
  9. Go back to your Inbox by clicking on the ‘Mail’ button at the top
  10. Run the filters by clicking on the small funnel shaped icon beside Inbox