Webhosting Overview


To login to the Control Panel please goto http://www.myexamplename.com:2222 (replace myexamplename.com with the name of your website). You will need the username and password provided during setup.


Clients receive messages when bandwidth use or storage exceed 80% of their service’s capacity.

A new message or response with subject:

User abcdef597 has used up 0.02% of his bandwidth and 98.0% of his allocated disk space has arrived for you to view.

Follow this link to view it:

Automatically generated email produced by DirectAdmin


  1. Purchase web hosting account
  2. Login to Directadmin and create accounts (email, ftp)
  3. Upload website (using FTP or the file manager)
  4. Switch your domain name servers to The Wire (ns3.thewire.ca and ns4.thewire.ca)
  5. Confirm email is flowing to your DirectAdmin account – check your old email a final time
  6. Setup email on your computer, tablet or smartphone
  7. Test sending and receiving by emailing yourself
  8. Bookmark new webmail location (webmail.myexamplename.com)

Note that settings, email and address lists are not copied over.

You can now create emails, reset passwords and set the size of each email account or let them use available space.